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Cloud Computing infrastructure at ETFBL-CC01 is to be used for project needs in areas of general services and applications as well as hosting services to be used for Source Code Repository, Helpdesk/Trouble Ticket System and as a Monitoring System development environment. This installation is also closely related to ETFBL-CS01 which will provide additional storage for those needs.

Technical Specification

Administrative Data
System Name ETFBL-CC01
Short Description University of Banja Luka Faculty of Electrical Engineering Computing Cluster
Owner University of Banja Luka Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Computational Power
Number of servers 3
Server specification HP DL180
CPU per server 2 (4 cores per CPU)
RAM per server 8 GB
Total number of CPU cores 40
Max number of VMs 60
Smallest VM CPU cores 1
Smallest VM RAM 256 MB
Largest VM CPU cores 8
Largest VM RAM 4 GB
Total storage 3 TB
Cloud environment
Cloud environment type OpenStack
Interfaces Standard Openstack
User access N/A
Dedication to VI-SEEM
Dedication % of max VMs 33%
Dedication storage % 33%
Dedication in VM hours 115,632
Dedication storage in TB 1 TB
Cloud system operational since N/A
Available to the project from PM06
System to be phased out N/A
Interface to be provided Standard Openstack
Restrictions on VMs No public IP