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InfraGRID Cloud offers cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS). The cloud infrastructure is powered by OpenStack technology.

The virtual image repository consists of several basic images supported by OpenStack. InfraGRID Cloud uses KVM as a virtualization technology so, in general, any HVM (hardware virtual machine) compliant image can be supported by InfraGRID Cloud.


Technical Specification

Administrative Data
Name InfraGRID Cloud
Short Description UVT HPC Center – InfraGRID Cloud Solution
Owner Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara (UVT)
Country Romania
Computational Power
Number of servers 50
Server specification IBM BladeCenter HS21
CPU per server 2
RAM per server 10
Total number of CPU-cores 400
Max number of VMs 400
Smallest VM CPU Cores 1
Smallest VM RAM 0.5
Largest VM CPU Cores 8
Largest VM RAM 8
Total storage (TB) 50
Cloud environment type OpenStack
Dedication to VI-SEEM
Dedication % of max VMs 12%
Storage (percent) 10%
Dedication in VM hours 402,960
Storage in TB 5
System operational since January 2015
Available to the project from PM04
Expected date system to be phased out N/A
Interfaces SSH, OpenStack Standard API, OpenStack CLI