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The main scope of HellasGrid is the provision of High Throughput Computing services to Greek academic and research community. The HellasGrid infrastructure is composed by six (6) clusters of computational and storage resources located at Athens (HG-01-GRNET, HG-02-IASA, HG-06-EKT), Thessaloniki (HG-03-AUTH), Patras (HG-04-CTI-CEID) and Heraklion (HG-05-FORTH).

Technical Specification

Administrative Data
Country Greece
Name Hellas Grid
Short Description GREEK NGI Infrastructure
Owner GRNET S.A.
Computational Power
Number of servers 100
Server specification HP
CPU per server 2
RAM per server 64
Total number of CPU-cores 864
Max number of Jobs 1728
Local temp storage per server 100GB
Max storage available to a grid job 500GB
Grid Storage
Type of grid storage lustre
Total grid storage 2TB
Dedication to VI-SEEM
Dedication % of max jobs 5%
Max number of VI-SEEM jobs 2,000
Dedication in CPU core hours per year 370,000
Dedication storage in TB from the Grid storage 0.5
System operational since N/A
Available to the project from PM04
Expected date system to be phased out N/A
Interfaces gLite flavour of EMI