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MK-03-FINKI is a grid site provided by the UKIM. This Grid site is a set of 64 worker nodes (2 x six core Xeon L5640 on 2.267 GHz with 24GB of RAM) and 6 service nodes. OS is Scientific Linux with EMI-gLite middleware. The configuration consists of CE, DPM storage, sBDII and MON.


Technical Specification

Administrative Data
Country Macedonia
Name MK-03-FINKI
Short Description Macedonia largest grid site
Owner UKIM
Computational Power
Number of servers 64
Server specification HP BLC2x220c
CPU per server 2
RAM per server 24
Total number of CPU-cores 768
Max number of Jobs 768
Local temp storage per server 250 GB
Max storage available to a grid job 4 TB
Grid Storage
Type of grid storage DPM
Total grid storage 2 TB
Dedication to VI-SEEM
Dedication % of max jobs 5%
Max number of VI-SEEM jobs -
Dedication in CPU core hours per year 336,384
Dedication storage in TB from the Grid storage 2 TB
System operational since 2012
Available to the project from PM04
Expected date system to be phased out N/A
Interfaces gLite flavour of EMI