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Both of booster (IMAN1-03-PS3) and King (IMAN1-04-PS3) Clusters are HPC cluster based on the IBM CELL Processor 8 C SPEs + 1 PPE. Booster cluster is a small scale cluster consisted of five PlayStations (PS3) used to run pilot projects and to make prove of concept of code porting on the IBM CELL Processor computing architecture. However, the successful jobs on booster cluster are moved to the large-scale cluster King (IMAN1-04-PS3), which is consisted of 250 PlayStation.


Technical Specification

Administrative Data
Name IMAN1-Booster/King
Short Description Booster (IMAN1-03-PS3), King (IMAN1-04-PS3)
Country Jordan
Computational Power
Number PlayStation Booster (QTY=5), King (QTY=250)
Server/ PlayStation specification PlaySation3
CPU per server 1 PPE (Power Processing Element), 64-bit PowerPC
RAM per server 256MB XDR DRAM
Total storage (TB) 1 TB NFS share
Accelerators type SPE (Synergistic Processing Element)
Number of cores 8 SPEs (Synergistic Processing Element)
Accelerators per server 8
Servers equipped with accelerators Every PlayStation
Operating system Yellow Dog Linux
Version 6.2
Batch system/scheduler Open MPI, (to be installed)
Dedication to VI-SEEM
CPU (percent) 50%
Storage (percent) 30%
Accelerators (percent) 30%
CPU (core-hours per year) 672,768
Storage in TB 1 TB NFS share
Accelerators (hours per year) 5,382,144
System operational since 2011
Available to the project from PM06
Expected date system to be phased out N/A
Interfaces SSH