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ONYX is an internally implemented storage system using commodity hardware with IBM storage servers and Quantas JBOD systems running upon BGFS and ZFS. With a storage capacity of 500TB this is an expandable storage system, able to service the storage requirements of several users since November 2014.

Storage-onyx cy-tera.jpg

Technical Specification

Administrative Data
System Name ONYX
Short Description Internally implemented storage system with storage servers and JBOD system and drives running upon BGFS and ZFS.
Owner CyI
Country Cyprus
Storage system
Description of storage systems Quantas JBOD system with BGFS and ZFS
Total storage 500 TB
Dedication to VI-SEEM
Dedication % of available storage 20%
Dedication storage in TB 100 TB
System operational since Nov 2014
Available to the project from PM04
Expected date to be phased out N/A
Interface to be provided SSH